How can immigration attorneys get a steady flow of new clients from Facebook ads?

Below are the three steps to a successful ad campaign.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to reach your exact target audience within 24 hours, and soon thereafter local immigrants will be inquiring about your legal services.

Step 1 is choosing your target audience.

Facebook gives you the ability to show ads exclusively to people who were born outside of the United States but now live within driving distance of your office. You can even choose to show your ads to people only from specific countries, which is a huge advantage because then you can tailor your ads specifically to them. If you don’t have a niche yet, don’t worry. Just pick one or even a handful of countries to start, and you can always change your targeting after you feel you’ve maxed out the market.

Step 2 is creating ads tailored your target audience.

You need an image, ad copy and a headline. For the ad image, use Facebook’s vast selection of free stock images. Select an image that represents immigration law so that local immigrants who need an attorney will be drawn to your ad as they are scrolling through their news feeds.

Keep your ad copy simple and professional. Someone who needs an immigration attorney doesn’t need to be sold; they already know that they need help. You just need to communicate that you are the attorney who will win their specific case. This is why choosing a niche is helpful. Write ad copy that mentions the countries you specialize in helping, the types of immigration cases you work on and why they should trust you. If you offer a free initial consultation, mention that in your ad as well.

Facebook presents your headline underneath the image in large text. Use straightforward headlines such as “Los Angeles Immigration Attorney” or “FREE Immigration Legal Consultation”.

Step 3 is the call to action.

What do you want your audience to do? I like to use Facebook’s “SEND MESSAGE” button and include a call to action within the ad copy along the lines of “Send me a private message today.”

Facebook Messenger has several advantages over asking your audience to call you, fill out a form or visit your website. Perhaps most important, sending a message is convenient. It’s fast, simple and doesn’t require any commitment.

In addition, when you use Facebook Messenger, your conversation with the lead is recorded so that you never lose track of who you’re conversing with and where you left off. Both you and the lead get notified after each response. As long as you’re responsive, quality leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Furthermore, Facebook Messenger can also be automated with a Bot. Your Bot can answer Frequently Asked Questions for you so that you’re not typing the same answers over and over again. A Bot can also be programmed to ask qualifying questions so that you’re not wasting time booking appointments with unqualified leads. Usually, all it takes is a few messages to discover whether someone is a good fit. The interaction ends with either a cordial parting of ways or an appointment being set.

Summary on How to Grow Your Law Practice in 2020

To summarize the three steps to a successful Facebook Ad campaign for an immigration attorney…

You first select your exact target audience within the Facebook Ads platform, targeting people born outside of the United States but currently within driving distance of your office.

Next, you create an ad using an image and ad copy that speaks directly to that target audience.

Lastly, your ad should include a call to action so that your target audience knows how to easily get in touch with you using Facebook Messenger.

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