If you’re not writing engaging Facebook posts that get plenty of likes, comments, and shares from your customers, you’re missing out on new business. Read these Facebook post engagement tips to up your game.

In the third quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.07 billion active users on their website. That means, that each one of those 2.07 billion users visited Facebook within the last 30 days.

Facebook has a huge marketplace. Whether you’re looking to increase sales overseas, across the nation, or even just over to the next zip code, Facebook is a marketing strategy no business should go without.

Yet, many business owners aren’t sure how to create a working strategy that helps brings in new customers. That’s because they struggle with their post-engagement strategies.

Keep reading to learn some simple strategies that will help your post engagement numbers rise in record time.


Be Your Brand

Branding is something every company should devote time to doing. Branding helps separate you from everyone and everything else. A big part of branding will be figuring out what makes your company unique.

You’ll need to think hard about your core values. Then you’ll need to communicate those core values to everyone. That includes your employees and your customers.

Here’s an example of a post from a local dance instructor with more than 40 social engagements:



Below are the likes, loves, shares, and social interaction this post created. See how the business joined the conversation? That’s how you build relationships on SOCIAL media!



Remember, when people buy local they buy from people, not from businesses. They want to know that there’s a live person behind your Facebook page and that you care.

Make your brand an integral part of your page. Have a logo that best represents who you and your team are. Share information about your business that other people relate to. Make your brand part of every post engagement.


Post Often

It’s hard to engage with other people and really connect with them when we don’t hear from them. On Facebook, the ultimate goal is to connect with people using post engagement.

If you don’t post often, people will forget about you. They are constantly bombarded with different messages, especially on Facebook. Which means you have to find strategies to help you stick out above everyone else, including their personal friends.

Post engagement only works if you commit to spending a certain amount of time on Facebook. What’s great is that you can set up many of these posts ahead of time. Thereby, you are still engaging with others on Facebook, even if you haven’t been online all day.

However, have at least one person from your team check in on Facebook or have it set up so that you’re immediately notified if someone performs any action on your Facebook page. Those businesses that respond immediately are rewarded by Facebook.


Find Something Topical, Timely, or Relevant to Post About

45% of Americans get at least a part of their news from Facebook. If you’re struggling with ideas on how to increase post engagement go to Facebook and see what other people are talking about.

No matter what your business is, there’s always something in the news that you can use for an idea to post. If you own a bakery, use today’s’ often gloomy news reports to entice people to come in to eat their feelings.

A pilates studio can use that same news to encourage their clients to work out their frustrations at the studio. Check out other businesses like yours to see what they’re posting about.


Use Cross Promotion

You can also increase post engagement by following complimentary businesses. If you own a restaurant near a movie theater, follow them on Facebook.

Next, reach out on Facebook and contact them to see if they’re interested in pooling resources. Your goal would be to create a strategic online Facebook marketing campaign that gets their core audience and your core audience a chance to get to know both your businesses better.

Simple ideas like offering $2 off a meal at your restaurant if the moviegoers show you their ticket. A dry cleaning company and laundromat could team up to offer incentives for each others client base to use the other’s services.


Know Your Audience

Part of your branding should include doing research on who your audience is. Getting decent post engagement relies heavily on you knowing exactly who you are trying to reach.

Facebook is a wonderful way to reach your unique group. Not everyone will want or love your services. That’s a given. Which is great because you don’t want to waste time advertising to people who don’t care about your business.

You want to focus on those people who love and adore your business. Those people who are actively engaged in the products and/or services you provide. You can find them by gender, age, interests, and even though friends of your followers.

After that, post engagement is easy. You merely have to write content that those people who are most likely to love your business will want to talk about with you. Answer your most frequently asked questions as a post.

If a customer has a complaint, question, or concern, address it upfront as a Facebook post. It shows your company is willing to address all problems and listens to their customers.

That builds trust. People buy from people and post engagement rises when people trust their source of information.


Use Images

Your post engagement will always rise with photographs. People read books if they want information without images. They head online when they want a visual to accompany the written word.

Don’t forget to add a meta title to each photo you post. That will help boost your SEO as a potential search word. But don’t just post photos without any written content.

If you have a service based business, take photographs of your clients using your services. A cleaning company could ask to take before and after photographs of some of the spaces they clean.

A hairstylist can take photos and post the hairstyles he or she feels will be popular this season. A product based business can take photographs of people using their product. They can also show customers showing others how to properly use the product

But those photos need written content to accompany them.

You don’t have to use a lot of written content, especially when you’re posting images to increase post engagement, but just enough so your followers and fans can easily understand what’s going on.

Don’t forget to encourage and make it easy for your followers to share their photos on your page.


Publish Videos for Engaging Facebook Posts

Using video to increase post engagement is really easy. All it takes is your smartphone. You can also choose to hire a professional videographer to create a variety of videos.

But there’s also live video. Perhaps you run a deli. You could run have a live video showing you and your team in action during your busiest time of day. Have people place bets on how many sandwiches you’ll make during that time.

You can also do a live question and answer session. This is a great way to increase interest in your posts. That’s because users are 10 times more likely to comment on live video than anything else.

And if you think live video is just a fad, consider this, Facebook themselves is paying $50 million dollars to media companies and celebrities to produce live video on their platform.


Post Full Links

While shortening your links became popular for a while, Facebook users want to see the full URL. Do this when you’re linking to an external source.

There’s three times less user engagement activity when businesses post short links versus the full URL.


Solve a Problem

Everyone who owns a business helps solve some sort of a problem. Even though Coca-Cola sells soda, they solve people’s problems by putting a smile on their face. It’s part of their branding, encouraging us all to, “share a Coke and a smile.”

Figure out what problem you help your customers with. Then talk about it on your blog that you post on Facebook. Share photos of you and your employees solving another happy customers problem.

Post a video talking about how to solve the problem. Have someone do a demonstration, if possible. We turn to Facebook to escape our problems and solve our problems. Figure out which one applies to you and incorporate it into your digital marketing plan.


Keep It Positive

Everyone already has problems. Even if the news showing up that day is absolutely horrific, find something about it that’s positive.

Use comedy as a way to boost engagement. People love to laugh. Funny images and videos that are relevant to your business can be found on other sites.

You can also create your own funny videos. A dentist can create a funny video about what happens when you don’t brush to encourage people to share their favorite dental stories. A coffee shop can produce a quick video showing all their coffee foam form fails.

Even if you’re not funny, keep it light. Don’t get too political. Avoid culturally insensitive material. Your goal is to attract like-minded people who love your business.

Which means you need to ask yourself if you want to attract happy people or miserable people. Then adjust your Facebook posts accordingly.


Always Include Call to Action

At the end of each post, don’t forget to include a call to action. It shouldn’t be complicated.

You can ask for thoughts on the image you just posted, photos of your customers, or even to contact you to schedule an appointment.


Develop a Strategy

Unless you have a good strategy, it’s tough to see your numbers increase on Facebook. But every business should have a Facebook presence so their customers can engage with them.

It’s tough if you’re not a marketing professional to know the best Facebook marketing strategies. We’re here to help. Contact us and we’ll help develop your strategy for free, starting with a complementary Facebook page makeover.