Facebook page reviews and check-ins are your ticket to attracting more customers from social media. But how do you get your customers to do this for you? Keep reading to find out.

You may have heard that check-ins and Facebook page reviews are important for attracting more customers to your place of business.

Still, you may not fully understand why that is or how to go about getting them.

That’s okay. We’re here to help.

Getting Facebook page reviews may just be one of the most important things you can do for your business in today’s day and age.

In this article, we’ll teach you all you need to know on the subject.

From why these things are important to how you can get more reviews and attract more customers by doing so, we’ll cover it all. Read on if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.


Why Are Check-Ins and Reviews Important?

What’s the use of having people check-in at your place of business and leave a review of their experience?

Does anyone really read those things, anyway? Short answer: yes!

Not only do these elements boost your Facebook page’s credibility, they’ll attract more customers and solidify your reputation in the community.

Read on to understand a bit more about why each one is so important.


The Power of the Check-In



Have you ever heard of a concept called social proof, or social selling? Having people engage with your Facebook page is one way to do this.

Essentially, it means that people want to do whatever it is they see their peers doing.

On the Facebook platform, people can see other real-life people interacting with your business. They can see what their favorite things or even their complaints are, and then they can witness how you respond to comments either way.

When people see their friends, family, and neighbors visiting an establishment and having a good time, they’re more likely to want to join in and be part of the fun themselves.

In addition, on Facebook, a feature that was recently put into play is Facebook asking people who have recently visited a place to review it.

So, when you get someone to check-in, it’s almost like you’re getting two for one.

After they’ve checked in, if they decide to review your business due to Facebook prompting them to do so, you’ve received a double whammy!


Importance of Reviews

Reviews are what prove your credibility as a business online.

You need good, solid Facebook page reviews — and lots of them — to earn the trust of potential customers who are considering your establishment.

Reviews can make or break a business’s reputation online.

If you seem great but all the reviews suggest otherwise, you have some work to do, and people are not likely to spend any money on whatever it is you’re selling.

On the other hand, if people arrive at your Facebook page to find hundreds of five-star reviews, they’re going to have no hesitation going out on a limb to try your goods or services.

Facebook page reviews are what prove to others that your business is worth spending money on. People can read through what others experienced, find advice and recommendations, provide suggestions, and more.

The photos below illustrate how simple it is for potential customers to look you up on Facebook and how prominent your review rating is – would you buy from a business that had poor or very few reviews? Chances are, you’d move on to the next listing…



How to Get Facebook Check-Ins

There are all kinds of ways to convince people to check in at your establishment on Facebook. The foolproof way is to make your business worth checking into!

People check in to places on Facebook because they want to seem cool and impress their friends. If your place of business becomes the cool place to go — somewhere to see and be seen — the check-ins will roll in.

Getting Facebook check-ins often happens organically, as people want to share about places they love and show their friends that they’re out and about, visiting cool places.

There are more tangible ways to attract customers to check in, too.


Paint a Mural



This may seem like strange advice, but in today’s day and age, you need to be Instagram-able. This means that your place of business should be visually appealing or must have some great photo spots for people to snap photos in.

Providing spots for photo ops or even showcasing others’ shots at your business can encourage people to take photos and then post about it.

Murals are a huge trend online. Every social media site has photo after photo of people posing in front of a huge mural containing inspiring quotes, unique art, or something of the sort.

Paint a mural on the side of your business and sit back as it becomes the hotspot for millennials and social media mavens alike.

When people ask where they can grab that same photo op, all they have to do is look where the check-in occurred, and they’ll be directed straight to you.

Eventually, if your photo spot becomes popular enough, it becomes a destination or a must visit stop all its own. This will draw business in from all over the world.


Offer a Discount



A great way to encourage people to check in is to offer a discount, deal, or upgrade if they do so.

For example, maybe you upgrade them from a small to a large coffee, and all they have to do is check-in. Or maybe you offer a free item in addition to their purchase, as long as they stop in and tell their friends on Facebook that they did so.



Another popular option is to offer a small discount or percentage off when your customers check-in. This shows all of their hundreds of friends on their timeline that a person they personally know and trust is patronizing your establishment.

All you have to do to attract more customers is pique the interest of people who would want to come in and check you out for themselves.

Offer some sort of small incentive that requires little of them, and they are sure to take advantage of your offer.

This method is similar to word of mouth marketing but modernized for today’s marketplace.



How to Get Facebook Page Reviews

Wondering how you can garner Facebook page reviews to amp up your credibility and reputation online?

It can seem awkward to request reviews from your customers. But try framing it a different way. Instead of saying “Leave us a review!” try “Share your experience” or “Tell us the best part of ordering from us.”

This feels more like a fun questionnaire to answer and doesn’t seem to require much effort on the customer’s part.

In addition, here are a few of our top recommendations for raking in the great, trustworthy reviews on Facebook.


Ask People to Check-In

Because Facebook recently released a feature that asks people to review an establishment they’ve recently visited, asking people to check in can lead to more reviews organically.

Once they’ve checked in, they’ll receive a notification from Facebook within just a few days time. This notification will ask them to leave Facebook page reviews on your page.

When people have had a particularly good or bad time, they often hop straight into the review section to rant about their experience.

But what about the people who simply enjoyed their visit to your establishment? You could be missing out on lots of positive reviews from people who have nothing but good things to say about your place of business.

Ask them to simply leave a star rating after their check-in if that’s all they have time to do.


Offer Incentives

Be careful offering incentives to your customers in exchange for Facebook page reviews, as some states and areas have laws against this.

However, it’s one of the more surefire ways to get people to leave Facebook page reviews.

You don’t necessarily want to bribe people to leave you five-star reviews, as this is dishonest and people who don’t like you are sure to bring it up.

But be honest with people. If your sign says “Your five-star review helps keep us scooping ice cream,” people will understand that a high review is really important to your business.

Offer something in exchange for their honest review. Maybe you have a box of special prizes, a free item, a discount, or some other kind of attractive offer.

Whatever it is, make it worth your customers’ while to leave you glowing Facebook page reviews.


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