Many entrepreneurs assume “snail mail” is a retrogressive marketing tactic, and that may be true. But there’s a reason this “old school” marketing channel is still around: it works. Your mailbox doesn’t fill up with brochures because local businesses enjoy throwing their money away.

Studies show that direct mail is still highly effective at increasing brand awareness, building clientele, and promoting business initiatives. Even though it doesn’t get the attention of today’s “shiny new objects” like Social Media, the truth of the matter is that you’re probably missing a big opportunity if you’re not using direct mail as part of your integrated marketing plan.


First of all, studies reveal that a whopping 92 percent of today’s young shoppers claim that they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, 67 percent of shoppers of all ages find print marketing more trustworthy than digital ads. It’s likely that the amount of trouble (time- and cost-wise) it takes to print and physically send direct mail demonstrates a higher form of credibility.

Secondly, customers find traditional mail more personal than email; in fact, 70 percent of Americans made such a claim, and 56 percent said they enjoy or take great pleasure in receiving mail. How about that for creating a positive impact on your target audience?

Thirdly, direct mail can work hand in hand with digital marketing initiatives. Running consistent campaigns across channels has often been measured to be greater than the sum of its parts. Not everyone responds to an ad the first time, and seeing a digital ad first can make someone more responsive to the same offer in direct mail, and vice versa.

Statistics show that 40 percent of consumers actually try new businesses after receiving direct mail. And to further reinforce the benefits of using direct mail for marketing, it has been reported that US advertisers secure a 1,300 percent return of investment from spending $167 per person on direct mail.

There are still so many other marketing advantages created by direct mail, and all these just prove how it remains to be effective and completely worthy of regular implementation despite the progressive technology for marketing.

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