Are you leaving revenue on the table by failing to implement the most current best practices in digital marketing? If there were significant gaps in your digital marketing, how would you know?

This article introduces 10 questions you and your team can ask yourselves to determine whether you’re implementing the digital marketing best practices that have been proven help companies large and small reach a wider audience, attract more leads and prospects, and close more deals.

If you find yourself answering “no” as you scroll down the list, then it’s safe to say you’re losing out on new business due to lack of technology, lack of knowledge, or lack of execution.

10 Critical Questions to Grade Your Digital Marketing

  1. Does my business have a surefire way of attracting new business whenever we want to grow?
  2. Do people regularly report that our website made them eager to do business with us?
  3. Is my business easy to find online?
  4. Do I know the exact ROI of all of my marketing campaigns?
  5. Is my website easy to read and use on a mobile device?
  6. Is my business building a marketing list of qualified leads, prospects, and opportunities; and are we following up with that list with relevant information and offers?
  7. Do people see our online ads after they leave our company website?
  8. Does my business stay in touch with clients on a regular basis—beyond just the appointment reminder cards or calls that we make?
  9. Is my business resolving negative online reviews quickly?
  10. Is my business getting all the referrals I’d like to see from our existing customers, clients, or patients?

These 10 questions are not exhaustive, but if you can confidently answer “yes” to all of them, then you have a solid digital marketing strategy and you’re executing it well.

If not, the next question is: Do you need professional marketing advice?

Imagine how much more business you could be doing if you could answer positively to all of the ten questions above? You’d be getting more new leads and prospects to contact you, converting more of them to paying customers, and getting more repeat business. You would be building your brand by reaching your website visitors with your message wherever they go on the internet. You would have more email addresses of interested prospects so you could repeatedly and systematically follow up with them.

If you’ve determined that you do need help, take advantage of the free marketing strategy session I’m offering. You’ll get a complete audit of your online presence and existing campaigns, including opportunities to eliminate waste and grow additional revenue. You’ll also get a tactical marketing plan that includes specific campaigns to run, sales projections, and pricing for a professional agency to execute the campaign for you.

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