Hi, I’m Gregg Ruais. I specialize in helping businesses grow with direct response marketing. Through my digital marketing agency Plan2Profit, I help local firms get found online, generate more leads, grow revenue, and measure marketing ROI. We promote brands through search engine marketing, social media, email and text messaging, and even offline channels like direct mail.

A career marketer since 204, I’ve worked with some of America’s top direct marketing firms, selling well over $50 million worth of products and services through traditional and online channels…

I’ve been published by prominent thought-leading publications like YouGov and Time Inc Affluent Media Group…

But what I find most rewarding is working with locally-based businesses that sell high-quality services to consumers. Industries I’ve worked include home improvement, financial and legal, medical practices, sports, market research, online publishing, and many others.

I’ve helped small businesses grow monthly client acquisition by more than 300% within nine months, filled conference halls with 150+ prospects for local business events, ranked new websites on the first page of Google within a few months, generated hundreds of local leads from social media within a matter of weeks, and more…

But before we get into that, let me tell you the real reason I’m doing it all…

Plan2Profit Supports My Family, as Your Business Supports Yours…

I live in Stamford, CT with my beautiful wife, who I met 15 years ago at the University of Maryland, and our two boys. When you invest your money in Plan2Profit’s marketing services, hoping and expecting to generate more in new sales than what you invested, you’re helping me raise my family on my terms: Tae Kwon Do lessons for the boys (and one day, college tuition), date nights with my wife, a new car when one is needed, etc.

As you invest your marketing budget with Plan2Profit, I realize that what you’re really after is a better lifestyle… more income, less time working in your business, and less stress over how you’ll continue to grow. I take this responsibility very seriously.


I Deliver a Free Marketing Plan Before Asking You to Invest a Single Dollar…

Too many agencies try to throw you into a marketing campaign without doing the research and planning required for a successful campaign. Contact me today, and the first thing I’ll do is ask about your goals and what you’d like to achieve with your marketing this year… More sales? Steady lead flow? Attendance at local events?

I’ll give you a few ideas, and if you like what you hear I’ll give you a few initial campaigns for you to consider. Your plan will include:

• The size of the audience you’ll reach
• The number of leads we expect to generate
• The cost to run the marketing campaign
• Expected number of new clients (based on your lead-sales conversion rate)

Your marketing plan will explain the logic and the math behind my recommendations. If you choose not to hire us to execute the marketing plan for you, there will be no pressure, and you’re free to use the marketing plan as you wish.

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